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March Trees

Custom trees created for March ReStaff release. Enjoy~

The darkest of the four trees (upper left) is best suited for Mack’s tiles, but it should go well with the RTP as well. :3

I know, I’ve already posted these on my other blog. xD

VX First Seed Material tile add ons

FSM VX Extra Tiles
-These were created by painting over FSM 2k3 tiles in order to match the VX RTP and Mack’s tiles. Credit goes to First Seed Material.

NOTE: For those who wish to use these for commercial projects, please read REFMAP’s own license agreement located right here. The same rules apply for these edits.  But PLEASE remember to credit REFMAP / First Seed Material first, not me. I cannot emphasize that enough. (Edit Feb.19, 2015 : Since FSM site has been taken down, here’s the alternate link to their license agreement: (web archive.org)).

Sanctuary Tileset (Advice on how to use)

(Click on the image or here to view tileset)


RTP Tile Add ons

Festival Tiles:

Here are the parts so you can create your own~

Church Bench:


Tree (Coming of Age Day style)


strong>Hot Air Balloon:

Special thanks to Pentagonbuddy at rmvx.net for fixing up the perspective and refining it more! Be sure to credit her as well. 🙂 Also credit goes to Mack/REFMAP for the sand bags.