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VX First Seed Material tile add ons

FSM VX Extra Tiles
-These were created by painting over FSM 2k3 tiles in order to match the VX RTP and Mack’s tiles. Credit goes to First Seed Material.

NOTE: For those who wish to use these for commercial projects, please read REFMAP’s own license agreement located right here. The same rules apply for these edits.  But PLEASE remember to credit REFMAP / First Seed Material first, not me. I cannot emphasize that enough. (Edit Feb.19, 2015 : Since FSM site has been taken down, here’s the alternate link to their license agreement: (web archive.org)).

Sanctuary Tileset (Advice on how to use)

(Click on the image or here to view tileset)



Freebies (available for commercial use)

Here is the Freebie section! Anything in this post is free to use in your commercial games.



Recolored to match the sprite recolors in Tkool’s blog.


Waterfalls for FSM tiles:

Facesets (2008-09)

Facesets created from 2008 to 09. There are a lot of anatomy errors, but I hope you enjoy!

Original: [Portrait]

Tkool Blog
Faces correspond to sprites from Tkool’s Blog.

Resource Staff Releases
Oldest to Newest. All ReStaff releases can also be found on RPGmakervx.com

Mage01 From RPG Maker XP. Based on Amberdragon’s sprite. [Portrait]

HeroA based on sprites from First Seed Material.

Based on PinedaVX‘s vampire sprite.

Pig and goose based on PinedaVX‘s sprites.

Monsters from RMXP. Based on Amberdragon‘s sprites.

Egyptian Gods: Anubis, Horus, & Bastet. Anubis is based off of PinedaVX‘s sprite. Blake_Erza made the sprite for Horus.

Werewolf. Based off of PinedaVX‘s sprite. [Portrait]

Two police men and a farmer. Based off of…you guest it! PinedaVX‘s sprites. 😀

Completed Requests

Requested from: Yukan, Yoshi and Atomicbanana on rpgmakervx.net. PinedaVX made the sprite for the German Shepherd.
Portraits: [lady elf], [german shepherd]

From my shop topic.
Portraits: [1-2], [3], [4], [5-6]

Portraits:  [1], [2], [3-4].