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Boss Sprite

Hi everyone, much apologize for the late release. I planned to make some tiles for Feb, but haven’t *quite* finished them. For now, I’ll post a WIP boss sprite I worked on in May. Originally it had armor and some spheres levitating around it. When I got my new computer in July, I forgot to save this sprite onto my backup disks and that version is lost forever. Fortunatetly, I did have this WIP saved on my photobucket account.
So, let’s just call this the head/hand version. Eventually if I get the motivation to re-work on this sprite, I will release an armored version.

I hope you enjoy nontheless. 🙂 It is meant to be a boss sprite, so no other directions available. (yes, I did get lazy with the shadow. I’ll fix that when I’m not half-asleep) ^^;