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Boss Sprite

Hi everyone, much apologize for the late release. I planned to make some tiles for Feb, but haven’t *quite* finished them. For now, I’ll post a WIP boss sprite I worked on in May. Originally it had armor and some spheres levitating around it. When I got my new computer in July, I forgot to save this sprite onto my backup disks and that version is lost forever. Fortunatetly, I did have this WIP saved on my photobucket account.
So, let’s just call this the head/hand version. Eventually if I get the motivation to re-work on this sprite, I will release an armored version.

I hope you enjoy nontheless. 🙂 It is meant to be a boss sprite, so no other directions available. (yes, I did get lazy with the shadow. I’ll fix that when I’m not half-asleep) ^^;


Happy New Year! (Old Junk: 2nd edition)

Happy 2012 everyone! After a long hiatus, I will be returning to again share graphics to you all!

What better way to start the New Year than to do some hard drive cleaning.  All of these materials are from old abandoned games (08-11) that I’ve worked or help work on but due to certain reasons, were never released until now. I don’t know what use they’ll be, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. 🙂


All the tiles, sprites and battleback graphics down below I created/edited for  Lodestone2d ( by echorev and bulletxt). I went ahead and upped the contrast on some because when they were made, I had a poor habit of using low contrast lol. If you have time, please give the game a playthrough. Echorev and bulletxt put a lot of time and effort on it.


(train track is from the RTP)


The two robots are the first fully custom sprites I’ve ever done and it shows. >.> There is no walking animation for the statue lady. If I recall, it’s just an edited version of spiritual 06 sprite.




These were all created for my RL friend’s abandoned project back in 2010. (she wanted it to be in this particular anime style, which I think I’m terrible at- one of the reasons why I’ve never shared these until now). *Some* of the sprites for these faces can be found [here]. If there isn’t a sprite for it, it’s probably because the face was based off of D*M‘s sprites or it was never made.

The last 3 faces posted below were created for a game I’ve abandoned a year or two ago. I have no idea what use they’ll be since they are in a totally different style than anything else. ^^;  Sprites can be found here.


I will begin posting materials more regularly again (at least one per month). I hope you all the best and thank you for visiting!


Sprites from PIXEL MADNESS

There was recently a tournament held at that I entered. Here are all the sprites I’ve made~

(Some parts are from the RTP whereas some of it is custom. sprite base is from famitsu generator)

Old Junk (sprites, tiles, etc.)

These are various graphics I’ve created/edited/recolored for old scrapped projects and requests. Since all they’re doing now is taking up space, I thought I ought to share them. Enjoy~

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